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THE STORY: Some years ago, I met Bojan. He did not just want to become a doctor. He needed to become a doctor. I’d never seen someone pour so much passion into a profession choice and had to ask him why it was so important. He answered with a story of a war he had seen as a child and a home he left long ago in 1992. Then he told me that through this experience he learned that of all the things a man could do, being a doctor meant you could keep helping people, regardless of war or wealth.
My father too believed in investing his life in a helping profession. In 1989, he moved our family from a cozy American mountain town to a bustling city in Nigeria so that he could use his skills as a doctor to aid people there. Dad took care of the patients. Mom took care of his house – the doctor’s house – where she regularly hosted visiting medical and aid workers. My childhood in Nigeria was spent around a shared table where co-workers and friends from all over the world fast became family.
I've been lucky to continue to travel the world while building my own career in hospitality and marketing. In every step, I searched for a place that I could call home. A place where I could build a hostel that would help local communities while building international communities. And, as life has its surprises, my search has led me right back to the country Bojan fled as a refugee in 1992. After gaining a wealth of experience in hostel and tourism management in Germany and the Czech Republic, I moved here to Sarajevo to open this house - The Doctor’s House.
-- Cat Norman Tahirović, owner and manager

AT THE DOCTOR'S HOUSE, we believe in hospitality as a helping profession. Through all the services we offer, we connect you directly to local Bosnian artists, craft-makers, farmers, and businessmen so that your visit to Bosnia i Herzegovina leaves a positive impact on local lives and local economy. With key partnerships and conscientious business, we promote sustainable tourism in a city that is fast rebuilding its reputation as a little piece of paradise. You can count on a comfortable bed, a clean house, a great view, and smiling staff ready to answer your questions. We welcome you to join us in a cozy hostel near Sarajevo’s center where it will be no surprise to find friends fast become family.

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Hostel Beds

Beds from 10€. All dorm rooms have custom-made bunks with privacy curtains, reading lights, and security lockers.

Private Rooms

Private double rooms from 30€. Enjoy stunning views of the city while sleeping cozy on hand-made furniture.


From free walking tours to out-of-town excursions, our staff will connect you to high-quality local tour operators so you can learn about Sarajevo's fascinating and complex history while enjoying its rich nature.

Local Connection

Think Bosnian hand-made souvenirs, locally-produced domestic products, seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farms, a refrigerator stocked with local craft ales, and the like. We've got you connected!

Booking & Contact

#1 on TripAdvisor after 4 months of being open and holding strong over 3 years later!

Send us a quick email to book a bed in our 10-bed dorm, 6-bed dorm with balcony, 4-bed dorm, or a private double/twin rooms. You are very welcome in our house!

NOTE: Reception is open daily from 9-22h.
If you want to check-in outside of these hours, just drop us a line!


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DOWNLOAD & PRINT our Sarajevo map for easy arrival!

We are a 6-8 minute walk from the Sarajevo Cathedral. If your pack is heavy or if Sarajevo's hillside neighborhoods don't tickle your fancy, grab a cab from behind the Cathedral or the Eternal Flame for less than 1.50€ from bottom to top.

***WARNING: Do NOT use 'Sarajevo Taxi' unless absolutely necessary. Other companies have a much better reputation for honesty and fair prices.***

+ From the Railway Station
& Main Bus Station:

Tram #1 leaves from directly in front of the Railway Station every 20-30 mins. Pay 1.60KM at the ticket window or 1.80KM to the tram driver, then make sure to stamp your ticket in the machines available at the front and back of the tram. Take the tram about 20 minutes to the 'Katedral' stop. Exit the tram and turn right up the hill. Walk straight up that street and you'll find us on the left after about 6-8 minutes walking. Taxis cost about 4€ / 8KM direct with the meter on - be careful as they often try to trick tourists into a 15KM flat fee and a fake luggage fee on top. We suggest flagging one off the street rather than taking one from the queue. If you prefer to walk the whole way, it should take you about 40 minutes.

+ From the East Bus Station:
Most buses from Serbia and Montenegro drop you off at the distant Istočno Bus Station in Republika Srpska. Public transit connections take well over 30 mins to reach the old town via bus #103, but it's the cheapest option. Pay the driver 1.80KM for a ticket and take the bus to the last stop - Trg Austria. Walk through town to the Cathedral and up from there. A taxi direct will cost about 7€ / 15KM on the meter. Walking not recommended.

+ From the Airport:
At this point, taxi services pretty much have a monopoly on transportation from the Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ) and they charge over-priced flat rates to get you where you want to go. Expect to pay 15€ / 30KM at least and possibly more with luggage. We recommend instead calling Holand Taxi (+38780020234) for honest rates - use your own phone or ask a friendly local. Meet them past the airport taxis in the parking lot. Alternatively, send us an email to book an airport pick-up or get advice on how to make the journey via public transit and a good little bit of walking.

Pehlivanuša 67
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina
Phone: +387 (0) 61 222 914 | +387 (0) 62 293 876
Email: doc@thedoctorshousehostel.com


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